Ecological Horticulture Products

AEF Global has a range of residential products, many of which have the same formulation as our agricultural biopesticides used by vegetables and small fruits growers as well as in orchards and vineyards. AEF Global also sells nematodes as a biological pest control tool for lawn care against grubs.

These products are distributed under the brand Bioprotec.

Bioprotec is a range of innovative ecological horticultural products. This range of products offers integrated pest management tools and biopesticides. They are an excellent eco-friendly and effective alternative to other potentially harmful products for the environment and human health. They also promote a balance in ecosystems while reducing the occurence of rising resistance phenomena.

Our residential products are available in garden centers and supermarkets. They are distributed by Derco Horticulture.

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AEF Global is a Canadian company specialized in biopesticides and IPM products for the ornamental horticulture, agriculture and forestry sectors.

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