AEF Global is a Canadian company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of biopesticides, which are increasingly used in IPM strategies for agriculture, forestry and ornamental horticulture. Over the years, our efforts in terms of development and innovative product marketing have enabled us to become a major player in the sector, in Canada and abroad.

Mission :
Position ourselves as leaders and pioneers in Canada in the offering of efficient and competitive biopesticides for forestry, agriculture and ornamental horticulture.

Values :

  • Provide high-quality products to consumers and professionals that are equal or superior to synthetic products;
  • Offer a pleasant and motivating working environment which promotes teamwork, innovation and the pursuit of excellence;
  • Encourage idea generation and project development both internally and externally while fostering diverse forms of partnerships.

In 1997, AEF Global takes shape and focuses primarily on the development of a range of Bacillus thuringiensis-based products to fight against spruce budworm in forestry. This achievement makes AEF Global one of the three worldwide producers of Btk for forest and agriculture purposes. Afterwards, AEF Global successfully diversified and released new products for agriculture in Canada.

The implementation of the Pesticide Management Code in 2003 by the provincial government created the first market opening in ornamental horticulture and retail gardening products. Seizing this opportunity, the company develops, produces and sells nearly 50 retail products that are now distributed in many garden centers and hardware stores, as well as several major chains in Canada. The return of the spruce budworm in 2009 helped AEF Global maintain its position as a Canadian leader in the production of biopesticides.

Today, AEF Global proudly continues to serve the forestry, agriculture and ornamental horticulture sectors, while maintaining responsible business practices. Since 2009, the Quebec Governement uses Bioprotec HP biological insecticide for spray program against the Spruce budworm outbreak.





AEF Global is a Canadian company specialized in biopesticides and IPM products for the ornamental horticulture, agriculture and forestry sectors.

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