AEF Global began its activities by developing and registering its own Btk strain at the end of the 1990’s. The development was carried out entirely in Quebec. This biopesticide, well known under the brand Bioprotec CAF, is now marketed across Canada by AEF and used in numerous agricultural crops for more than 15 years. The same product is now registered in the USA and is available under the name Bioprotec Plus.

Since then AEF has registered 2 novel active ingredients in Canada as well as the US. These ingredients are found in 5 registered products available for fruit and vegetable growers across both countries.

Our products fit very well into an IPM program, compatible with many products and with the use of beneficial insects. Using our products as part of an IPM program will help reduce pesticide usage and reduce the risk of the development of disease resistance.

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AEF Global is a Canadian company specialized in biopesticides and IPM products for the ornamental horticulture, agriculture and forestry sectors.

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